Yachting Developments relaunches classic yacht Teal

On the 4 April 3018, Yachting Developments relaunched the classic yacht Teal after she completed a major restoration, with the yacht travelling down the road to West Park Marina in Hobsonville where she re-entered the water.

 Teal relaunches - photo Paige Cook

Teal relaunches - photo Paige Cook

Teal arrived at the Yachting Developments yard in extremely poor condition and was essentially just a hull, with no deck or machinery. Her new deck layout and cabin design were the work of Ian Cook, Managing Director of Yachting Developments, who started with a blank canvas and designed a new cockpit and cabin setup that was in keeping with Teal's character.  Fitted out in the style of a gentleman's cruiser, Teal was lovingly restored over the course of more than a year, returning her to her former glory. 

"I love this beautiful classic yacht, and I'm so happy that people choose to restore these pieces of New Zealand history," says Paige Cook. 

All photos by Paige Cook