Yachting Developments sponsors Ashley Rogers and her yacht Stinger

Yachting Developments is a proud partner and sponsor of a number of different sailing initiatives, and has long supported many sailors in their endeavours in the world of sailing. The yard is pleased to announce that its latest partnership is as sponsor of Ashley Rogers in her quest participate in the Solo Trans-Tasman Yacht Race 2018.


Held every four years, the next edition of the race begins on 1 April 2018 with competitors sailing from New Plymouth, New Zealand, across the Tasman Sea to Mooloolaba in Queensland, Australia, covering 1380 miles of distance. Participants race solo, testing their sailing skills in a challenging offshore environment. Ashley will be racing on board her Reactor 29 half tonner Stinger, a 1974 Paul Whiting design that was originally built to take part in the Auckland to Gisborne race, which she won. Stinger has been a project of passion for Ashley, who has worked on her for more than three years to refit her and bring her to excellent seafaring condition.


Originally from Guatemala, Ashley came to New Zealand to learn to sail, quickly fell in love with the country and the sport and set her sights on taking part in the race. With more than 10,000nm under her belt and having spent time at sea in extreme weather Ashley is feeling prepared and ready to take on this exciting challenge. As the race draws closer Ashley is now excited to experience this historic race for herself and is spending these last few months as the race approaches to ensure she is fully prepared to meet the challenge.

“I am the only female entry as of this moment and I will be the 5th woman to ever complete it if I takepart,” says Ashley. “Everyone asks me why I want to do this, and really it is just to give me a goal to achieve in life, a challenge. I like to be challenged, and this has proven to be the biggest challenge I have ever battled. I want to show that if I can do it, so can others. I have struggled with depression and and fibromyalgia, but these are moments of symptoms that sailing has help me overcome, thus they are two causes that I will be raising awareness and funds for through my sailing. Not only have I been working hard to get my boat ready in time, I have been working hard to find sponsors, been completing courses to be as best prepared as possible and also training my body into shape to have more endurance while being out at sea alone.”

With sailing a true passion, Ashley says that this is only the first of many races to come. “I would like to encourage more people to get into the sport, but especially women,” she says. “I also want to focus on the single and short-handed racing, as well as coastal and offshore racing and cruising.”

Yachting Developments is pleased to be sponsoring Ashley’s attempt and wishes her very good luck!

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Ellie Brade