Paige racing in Bay of Islands Sailing Week 2018

WHERE IN THE WORLD: Bay of Islands, New Zealand

I recently took part in Bay of Islands Sailing Week 2018 (held 23-26 January). This was my fifth Bay Week racing on the TP52 Mayhem owned by H Dodson and T Bosnyak. I've been sailing on Mayhem since the boat came to New Zealand, after having a few previous sails on the owners old boat Formula One, which was a little speed demon with little to no freeboard.

Photo Credit - Andrew Roy GOPRO - Grinder on Mayhem (BOISW)

Photo Credit - Andrew Roy GOPRO - Grinder on Mayhem (BOISW)

The 52s are so much fun to sail and require a lot of work and in the pit a lot of organisation. The hardest part about pit is when you get it wrong so organising all the lines and having everything run and set up is key to smooth operating. Sailing's a team sport so when you get it wrong you make everyone else's job a little harder!

I've grown up sailing on big boats my whole life but moving on to Mayhem was a big step…. five years ago I was wondering.. what on earth is a pedestal? Sailing on this boat with this amazing crew (who are more like family now) has given me so many opportunities and taught me so much about not just the sailing but how the boat works.

I won this trip to Gothenburg in Sweden in the Musto Grinding Challenge the last time Volvo Ocean Race came to Auckland, and I think my win was purely because I was helping the person who looked after Mayhem and grinding them up the rig quite a few times for boat work.

I’m lucky to be able to sail on an amazing boat with such a wonderful crew. :)