Behind the scenes on photographing yacht launches

WHERE IN THE WORLD: Auckland, New Zealand


You may not know it, but Paige Cook is the talent behind almost all of our media shots of superyacht launches and sea trials. Here's a behind the scenes look from Paige at what goes in to getting the perfect shot!

Whenever a new project leaves the Yachting Developments shed, this involves manoeuvring it back to the water before it can be launched, navigating the vessel down the streets of Auckland. Lucky for me, the best time to move big yachts on public streets is typically in the middle of the night. Usually its around 3.30 or 4am that I have to set the alarm for!!

Lion 1009 PMC.jpg

But there's something magical about a yacht coming in and out of the yard. A new yacht is full of wonder, you wonder lies ahead for her and what's going to change. When a yacht leaves the yard for the first time you get to see all the hard work the staff have put into the boats.

Some of my best photos are by accident… There was one time I complained to Ian about there being dust on my lens and then I realised it was stars. The paint jobs are sometimes so amazing that the surroundings reflect back off the boat - this is one of my favourite photos.


I love taking photos, but over the years its fair to say my cameras have been through a bit between sailing and work, with two dying of salt corrosion…. oops!


It's cool being able to take loads of photos and then uploading them for the public and owners to see. Here are some of my favourites below.